Yo-Yo Baby!

Personalize this baby quilt with the name of your special baby.  Choose and print the pages with the letters that correspond to your baby's name.

Click on the links below to print your letters!

Click here to download the Upper Case letters.
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        I have always shyed away from making the Cathedral Windows quilt block.  I seemed like so much work for such a small block!
I saw this block on Pinterest and posted it to my boards for a future time.  I thought that it would be great done in the Kaffe Fassett
collectives fabrics.  It was originally designed and made by Kim Niedzwiecki for the Pellon Company as a project to post on their website as a free project.  We all love free!!
     I chose my fabrics, copied the pattern off the Pellon website and started in.  I found that it is extremely important to make sure your 
largest square, (my yellow) is completely square.  I found the photos and instructions to be very good.  I did not use the poster board that it called for to help with my corners.  Pressing well is another important step.  Do not ignore this.  
    I decided to use only one print on the outside of the block instead of the four different ones it calls for.  It was a bit busy with so many different fabrics.  A good tip was to fuse Wonder Under to the backs of the inner printed fabrics before placing them in place.  This definitely makes it easier to handle.  
     After the front part in completed, I finished the pillow without using a zipper.  I didn't have one handy nor do I like to put them in!  I decided to quilt the back piece of shot cotton using a thin batting.  I kept the design very simple by just making a grid design.  It gave the backing for the pillow a bit more body and I felt also made the finished project look nice.
     My way of finishing pillows is to put right sides together and starting on the bottom, sew around the pillow using a 1/2" seam, rounding the corners just a bit since they are impossible to stuff firmly.  I leave about a 6" opening, fill with fiberfill. and hand sew shut.
     All in all, I enjoyed making this project and will not shy away from making it again.  It was fun!

 I finished the front of the project by covering a large button with the outside fabric, fussy cutting a flower to center on it.  

             I hope you will try it...it was fun and quick and easy to do in an afternoon!

Download the pattern ...http://www.pellonprojects.com/category/39-projects.aspx?pageindex=2

07/25/2012 The Roman Cross Block Pattern

 The Roman Cross Block Pattern

It has long been a desire of mine to offer to you, my customers,  a free quilt block pattern
each month that you could then copy and use as you please.

I am happy to show you the first pattern I have chosen.  It is call the Roman Cross block.
I chose to make it using of course my favorite line of fabrics by Kaffe Fassett.
I do not chose these colors for the blocks so that they will all coordinated together, but
just to show some new colors or new color combinations that I happen to like.

You can copy this pattern buy just clicking The Roman Cross here

I hope you have fun with it and start a collections of patterns especially chosen for you
from the-sampler.com.

07/17/2012 Ruffled Ribbon Rose Pillow

This lovely rose was the inspiration to try to recreate it from ribbon on a pillow for my home.
I used a striped ribbon designed by Kaffe Fassett for my rose.
It was very simple and was made in an afternoon, believe it or not!  
I have provided a PDF file that you may download and copy with step
by step instructions to help you along the way.  
Hope you enjoy the process and the beautiful rose in your home
all throughout the year!

                   Happy Sewing......

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